Storage & Refrigeration

One of our key strengths at Pariz Dates is our capacity to store more than 3,500 metric tons of dates in our cold stores, enabling us to retain the freshness of our dates throughout the season.  


Dates can be kept at a temperature of 0-5 degrees up to 24 months without any problem. But some dates with high level of moisture such as Mazafati dates are sensitive to any thermal shock with reduces the shelf life of dates. In case of thermal shock for Mazafati dates, sugar content of dates will by crystallized, a phenomena which is called "crystallization". Despite the sour or moldy dates whose consumption should be avoided, the dates with sugar crystal does not harm the consumer´s health.  


After packing, the dates will be sent according to market orders or stored as the finished product. In the storehouses, the product must be protected from recontamination by pests (insects and rodents). The temperature must ensure the continued extermination of insects that have survived fumigation, and prevent loss of moisture, or in the case of dry fruit, increase the moisture. Refrigeration must not influence properties, such as texture, moisture and color. 


During storage, the material in which the fruit is packed must be also taken into account, for example, cardboard is sensitive to humidity or wooden surfaces may be attacked by various pests. 


Below are some guidelines that we at Pariz Dates warehouses continuously follow to keep the excellent quality of our dates:

  •  Exact particular temperature and carefully control 
  •  Control level of moisture and use of ventilation   
  •  In damp weather (rain, snow) the cargo must be protected from moisture. Fresh air supply and controlled atmosphere should consider. 
  •  Packaging in proper plastic bags with  sealing doors 
  •  Use of high quality cardboard boxes

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