Initiation of palm dates from Bandar Abbas palm trees:

According to ISNA, Bandar Abbas Agricultural Jihad Director, announced this news, predicted 22thousand tons of dates this year. Mansour Shafie added: due to technical principles and pest control, this year's production increased by 10% compared to last year. He added: "Almutri, Helli, Mangasar, Pahi and Lamb are among the most important cultivars in the area." The Agricultural Jihad Director General of Bandar Abbas added that the products produced will be delivered to the provinces of Tehran, Fars and Isfahan in addition to providing the internal needs of the province. In the end, Shafi'i stated that the harvest season begins in late June and continues until the end of September. He noted that part of the products produced are also exported to the countries of Central Asia and the Gulf.


16 percent of the country's date entered the export cycle:

Mohammad Ali Tahmasebi said on Saturday morning at a meeting with officials from the Agricultural Jihad in Bushehr province: "There are great efforts to expand the export of dates.

Referring to the annual production of about one million tonnes of dates nationwide, he noted: 160,000 tons of exports are expected to increase in the coming years.

Deputy Minister of Horticulture Minister of Agriculture Jihad said one of the suitable ways to improve the date market is the development of conversion industries and added: "Dates have a very high nutritional value, and with the development of conversion and processing industries, the market for this product can be improved.


Date before taking wash:

Dr. Arasb Dabbagh Moghadam said that every year, with the warming of the air and the arrival of the palm trees, rumors of this kind are produced and handled in virtual spaces, which, unfortunately, have been a huge loss to the country's history industry, especially the farmer. he does.

He points out that the disease, called Nippa, which is caused by a virus called the Nipast virus in Southeast Asia, is said to begin with symptoms similar to influenza and may cause inflammation of the brain (encephalitis), coma (Coma) and death in 40 to 75% of patients.

"The NIPA virus is naturally seen in the southeast Asiatic bats, but the bats do not get infected," the expert said in response to the question "Is it really true that bats can infect dates?" Bats repel the virus through their saliva and urine and may infect fruits such as dates that are consumed by humans or animals.

2018/05/17 15:24


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