FAQ: Services

What is your packing? 

  • We usually export dry dates in bulk packing. 

10 kg cartons lined up with plastic bags or 5 & 10 kg telescopic cartons lined up with plastic bags and shrink wrapped. Upon request of customers, it is also possible to pack dry dates in retail package like 500 gr plastic boxes or cellophane bags or Zip pouch bags. 


  • Fresh Mazafati Dates are packed in 550 - 650 gr baby boxes, 12 boxes packed in 1 master carton. 

*Dry Dates are shipped by dry containers but Fresh Mazafati Dates should be shipped by refrigerated containers.  


Is private labeling possible for you? 


Yes. If your volume of order is enough for printing cartons, we arrange for production without adding any extra cost to final price. If not, we ask for printing costs separately and stock extra cartons for your future orders. 

You should provide us with your artwork CD (artwork of your cartons design) at least 1 month before shipment date. 


Do you give exclusivity to us? 


Yes, our company policy is to give exclusivity after first 2 or 3 shipments. 


Do you work only on dates? 


We are professional in dates & sub product of dates like Date Paste, Chopped Date, Pitted Date and Date Syrup but it is possible for us to supply Pistachios and Figs for our customers, too. 

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