FAQ: Product Details

I am looking for a variety which is low in sugar. 


All our dates are natural without any added sugar, but Zahedi variety is recommended as less sweet variety. This type is good for diabetic patients as it is low in sugar content and high in fiber. 


What is your method of fumigation? How do you fumigate dates? 


We normally fumigate dates with methyl bromide gas, however, upon customer´s request or country regulation, it is possible for us to fumigate with phostoxin gas (PH3). Also, we have recently started a project to replace methyl bromide with ozone. 


What is the shelf life of the dates? 


Depending on the variety between 12 and 24 months. 


What is the storage conditions of the dates? 


For Dry Dates room temperature. 
For Fresh Dates between 0 - 4 degrees.


What is your production capacity? 


Approximately 8,000 Metric Tons. 


When is new harvest date? When is new crop? 


Depending on the variety from mid August until end of September. 


Do your dates have additives / preservatives? 


No. We only add some rice flower to the chopped dates in order to avoid them from sticking to each other. 


Do you wash dates? 


Rabbee dates are normally being washed. Sayer dates are washed based on customers´demand. Other dates are not washed, because if we wash dates the shelf life become shorter and also the skin will come off more easily. Therefore, we only remove the dust on the skin of the dates by polish machine and wet towels. 


Are Sayer dates chopped / pitted by hand or machine? 


By hand. 

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