Quality Assurance

We at Pariz Dates apply a self audit system for food safety. The critical points for every single production process are under constant control through a monitoring system. The controls are the following : 


-Our suppliers are the key to our success. We work directly with our growers and constantly encouraging and supporting them to improve. 


-Delivering our products begins with raw material quality. Our goods are inspected on arrival and checked against our specification to ensure they meet our customers´requirements prior to delivery. Certificates of conformity and analysis are routinely supplied again all deliveries. 


-Good Manufacturing Practices are next step and key to our business. Visual controls at all production stages by skilled operators to remove eventual defective products and to alert on unsatisfactory hygiene conditions of equipment, premises and transport. 


-Controls during the process using specific instruments for: Temperature checks in cold storage, detection of the presence of foreign bodies (metal detector) and of discolored product (manual selection). 


-Quality controls evaluating aspect, texture, color, flavor and taste of the product to guarantee it is in line with standards and with consumer expectation. 


-Physical, chemical and microbiological analyses on raw material and final products: Further microbiological controls are carried out to verify hygiene conditions of production areas, equipment and personnel. To achieve these goals we cooperate with best laboratory in Iran which has EU standard. 


-Particular attention is also paid to specific analyses as mycotoxins, pesticides, and allergenic proteins to guarantee to the final consumer a healthy high-quality product with full respect of the environment and health and safety regulations. 


After analysis of the final product, the EU confirmed Food Laboratory in Kerman releases a Quality Certificate with approves the product for distribution to the industry and to the final consumer. 


It is our stated aim to build on our existing successful technical program, continually improving the quality and traceability of our product by embracing and developing new technologies and working methods. 


We encourage our customers to visit our factory to see at first hand the standards we have set and how we control our products. If you require any assistance from our technical team, including product specifications, please contact us by email at: info@parizdates.com 

Sustainable Quality

Pariz Dates is committed to supply its customers in the most sustainable way, with healthy and safe fresh dates. To ensure consistency of quality, Pariz Dates is running global standard and Food Safety Standards as a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical, and physical hazards in production processes. We work with our growers to assist in achieving industry and customer-specific standards and accreditation's. 

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