Production Process

All production processes carried out in Pariz Dates respect the individual characteristics of every single product. In general, we can summarize the production process in Pariz Dates in following steps : 


1. Controls during farming and harvesting operations 

2. Delivery and Storage 

3. Production and Packing

4. Marketing and Sales 


1. Controls during farming and harvesting operations 

All over the year, we continuously visit our farmers in different regions to control quality and quantity of crop. Controlling from farm gives us power to reach highest quality of dates. 


2. Delivery and Storage

After harvesting, we store dates in our warehouses in 4 different packaging :

   1. In baskets 

   2. In banana cartons  

   3. In telescopic cartons 

   4. In other miscellaneous cartons 

Upon delivery of dates to the factory, the quality team checks the quality, arranges sorting and determines usages of the product. 


3. Production

In the factory, based on the export or local market orders, the factory manager and weekly production planner put sorting, categorize and pack the dates in their production portfolio.  In this regard, warehousing delivers required types of dates to the production line. 


In the production line, usually bulk unsorted dates are transferred to the sorting line and the sorting process starts. During this process, considering the quality, production needs, customers ´request and company´s standards, different grades are separated, most popular of which are first grade, second grade and industrial. In this level of sorting, dates are still in bulk.  


4. Quality control during sorting  

Control and sampling is done by laboratory workers. Control must ensure that the demands of the sorting instructions and definitions have been respected. Testing for internal defects is done by cutting the fruit with a knife and checking the internal cavity. Sampling is carried out according to procedures defining the frequency of sampling and the size of the sample.


5.  Packing 

In next stages, final packing teams start their job on above different sorted types. Therefore, sorted dates are delivered to head of each packing group, and these groups pack dates in different boxes, cartons and other packages based on their order. During the whole process, quality control team supervises food safety and health issues. 

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